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ProfitApp – for companies

New form of advertising and guaranteed profit for companies (five new marketing tools for free)

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Application is designed so that everyone is in plus when shopping. Partner companies od ProfitApp are automatically included into new form of advertising, free of charge; and are thus acquiring new clients and making higher turnover.

ProfitApp marketing platform

Free Loyalty Program

Super-efficient and free of charge Loyalty program for companies. You have a business which is at its peak. You want to follow modern payment methods and have strong Loyalty program which will attract and retain your clients. You only need fantastic marketing team which will come up with ideas and will be fully dedicated to its realization.And yes, you also need custom software which will start it, IT sector for implementation, hardwer which will read cards, printing of cards etc… Well, maybe already something even better exists and is much more advanced. You should only address to ProfitApp and you will have all of that and much more for free..

New way of making payments

If you own a business, become a member of new way of making payments in Montenegro. Enable to your clients to pay solely by using their mobile phone. ProfitApp is already used as digital wallet, and soon it will be connected with users bank accounts. ProfitApp enables you to have immediate statistics on users, income and place.


Publish your news, discounts, arrival of new collection etc on ProfitApp news in the frame of the app. ProfitApp news will pass the info to the ones who want to buy, and you messages will have highly targeted clients.

ShopApp (free internet shop only for you, in the app)

Become a member of ShoppApp network which enables to its members to (online; via phone) sell and offer its products and services. Customers which have ProfitApp can pick products directly in the app and to pay from account balance. ShopApp is currently in test phase.

Info board

In the table “PARTNERS” on our info board are listed all companies offering goods and/or services using ProfitApp. Information are selected by the type of business and location. Apart of finding your exact location, in near future, customers will be able to purchase your products using ProfitApp.
This new form of advertising has come as an answer to companies ‘need for marketing solution which will enable maximal efficiency compered to invested funds. The company first makes profit caused by ProfitApp advertising, and then pays contracted percentage out of the extra income. ProfitApp gives you complete control over turnover. Data are updated instantly (place, time, amount…) and are available in any moment. You can filter it at your dispose. ProfitApp is the only marketing platform which guarantees profit.

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