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Questions and answers

Questions and answers

  • How to get the application?

    Downloading the application is free. You can find it on Google Playstores if you use any Android phone or Appstore if you are an IPhone user.

  • Am I automatically active after downloading and installing the app?

    The answer is NO. Any active user can invite you and instantly you can use the app for collecting benefits. In case that you know none of ProfitApp users please fill in the form (or simply ask some of your friends on social networks are they active users of ProfitApp and are they willing to invite you).

    Fill out the form
  • How do I collect profit?

      • When buying, if you pay by cash, click on the ProfitApp, show the phone, and an employee will scan the requested code. And if you activated your account and pay by the application i.e. by accumulated profit, click on the green box wording “PAY BY IN-APPLICATION BALANCE”, point out the code in the phone, and that’s it. Right after the purchase, you are rewarded with a refund, which is right away ready for further spending.
  • How do I activate my account?

    By accumulated profit in the amount of €100 or by paying in this amount, once for all you activated your account and those €200 are just yours and you can begin to spend them. So, if the account is activated, you can start using ProfitApp to pay with in-App money i.e. collected profit, payng your monthly bills and sharing applications to new users. All active users who participate in sharing of application, send a €5 voucher to new users, and they themselves have been rewarded with additional profit (explained in more details in the Rulebook that is available in the application).

  • Active or standard user? What are the benefits for active users?

    ProfitApp Active ensures greater return on money to active users and the possibility of deferred purchase, and the maintenance costs of the application are payable just once. Active users have chosen to include new users and thereby generate additional profits. You will decide whether to become an active user upon downloading the ProfitApp.

  • How many gift vouchers can I give?

    Unlimited number. The active user allocates €100 (20 electronic vouchers of €5) from his initial balance as a gift for new join in users. By activating the account of at least one active user (to whom you gifted a voucher) ProfitApp generates 20 new electronic vouchers and so on.

  • Should I emphasize that I am paying by ProfitApp?

    Yes. In shops, boutiques, etc. you should emphasize that you are paying by ProfitApp when you come to the desktop. You should also state the method of payment: by cash or in-ProfitApp money. In restaurants and cafés, mention it in advance while ordering, before the waiter/waitress issues the bill.

    Click on picture below!

    ProfitApp, cash payment

    Plati Stanjem Sa Aplikacije
    ProfitApp, pay with the balance on the app
  • Do I need to have a bank account?

    No. The application itself is used both: to collect refund and be used for further payments-from an app balance.

  • If I pay by accumulated profit, do I still have a refund?


  • Is there a time frame for in-App profit to be spent??

    Accumulated profit cannot evaporate and you can use it whenever you want, without time constraints.

  • Can I track the money flow of the accumulated profit?

    The app shows all your purchases with the amount of profit individually for each purchase, as well as the total realized profit and current available balance.

  • How is maintenance paid?

    If you are a standard user, maintenance is €25 per year. If you are an active user, the maintenance is one-time €25(only once). It is important to know that it is automatically settled solely from money refunds, i.e. from the first accumulated profit. If you do not use the application or if you stop using it, you do not have any obligation to pay maintenance for the profits collected or in any other way.

  • Is it possible for all users to make a profit? Can I be at a loss?

    All users who activate the application and use it, are guaranteed to profit. The maintenance, of which we have written within other responses, is settled exclusively from the realized profit of the user, so that you can not be in the “minus” with the maintenance cost. ProfitApp is waiting you to get benefits for using the application first, and then it will settle for maintenance. An active user is even provided with a business opportunity, an opportunity for extra earnings. The active user has invested in ProfitApp business in the amount of €100 (20 electronic vouchers of €5, intended exclusively for sending it to new users while sharing the application), and for each activated account, s/he was rewarded with extra profits according to the ProfitApp Career rules. Active ProfitApp users are released from maintenance costs for each subsequent year, so that after the first withdrawal for the maintenance, all the profit remains only for you, which is significantly higher for the active user, so that the profit realized only through purchases exceeds the paid €100. Even if you fail to include any new user, the account is still on your page. This login option enable user to once for all settled all obligations to ProfitApp .. so that many users choose the option ACTIVE user, just only for benefits that are more profitable, even without the intention to recommend ProfitApp to new users.