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Show the code and get an instant cashback with every purchase.

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Whether you are buying with cash or with the balance from the application, scan the requested code and you are immediately returned a part of the money with which you can continue shopping.

Through the application, you can pay the bill for electricity, television, internet, insurance, all that without any commission.

How to get a cashback?

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When making a purchase, if you are paying with cash, click on ProfitApp, show your phone and the employee will scan your code.

Immediately after the purchase, you get cashback, which is again immediately available for further purchase.

f you pay with the application, ie. with the collected profit, click additionally on the button: "Touch to pay with the application", show the QR code. Of course you get a cashback again.

Sending money

You can send money by the ProfitApp application.

All you have to do is to enter the amount and user ID to whom you are sending money.

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What is ProfitApp (application)?
ProfitApp is a mobile application created so that everyone gets profit when they buy. Companies that cooperate with ProfitApp, in this way, get involved in a new type of marketing for free, gain new customers and generate more turnover. At the time of purchase, a significant part of the money is returned to the users and they can immediately spend that money and get a cashback again or pay the bill for electricity, television, internet, insurance through the application itself, without commission. Great, isn't it?
How to get the application?
Downloading the application is free. You can find it on Google Play Store if you use any Android phone or App Store if you are an iPhone user.
Am I automatically active after downloading and installing the application?
The answer is: YES. You can use the application to make a profit right away.
How do I collect profit?
When buying, if you pay with cash, click on the ProfitApp, show the phone, and an employee will scan the requested code. Immediately after the purchase, you are rewarded with a cashback, which is immediately available to you for further spending. And if you activated your account and pay with the application, i.e. with accumulated profit, click on the green button wor “Touch to pay with the application”,show the code on the phone, and this time you are again rewarded with a cashback.
Should I emphasize that I am paying with ProfitApp?
Yes. In shops, boutiques, etc. you should emphasize that you are paying with ProfitApp when you come to the counter. You should mention whether you pay with cash or application. In restaurants and cafés, mention it in advance while ordering, before the waiter/waitress issues the bill.
How to become Premium user and what are the advantages?
You can become a premium user whenever you want by paying a one-time membership fee. This way you get more profit from each purchase and open up an extra profit opportunity by sharing gift vouchers. After paying the membership fee, you will receive from ProfitApp twenty vouchers of five euros each, intended exclusively for gifts to other users. For each of your gift, ProfitApp returns the extra profit according to the rules of ProfitApp career. The application itself takes care of that.
How many gift vouchers can I give?
Unlimited number. The active user allocates €100 (20 electronic vouchers of €5) from his initial balance as a gift for new users. By activating the account of at least one active user (to whom you give a voucher) ProfitApp generates 20 new electronic vouchers and so on.
If I pay with accumulated profit, do I still have a cashback?
Is there a time frame for in-App profit to be spent?
Accumulated profit cannot evaporate and you can use it whenever you want, without time constraints.
Can I track the money flow of the accumulated profit?
The app shows all your purchases with the amount of profit individually for each purchase, as well as the total realized profit and current available balance.