Involve your company in a modern way of shopping.

Attract new customers through a network that offers you countless opportunities.


Achieve a strong loyalty program that attracts and retains customers.

ProfitApp is also an extremely efficient marketing platform.

It’s the right time to join in.

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Modern payment

Give your customers a new way to shop.

ProfitApp is already used as a digital wallet and will soon be able to connect to users' bank accounts.

ProfitApp also allows you to have current statistics on users, revenue and location.


Post your offers, promotions, new collections and similar on ProfitApp news within the application itself. ProfitApp news is followed exclusively by those who want to buy, so that your messages will have the appropriate audience.

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Become a member of the ShopApp network that enables its members to sell and offer their products and services online. Consumers, who have the ProfitApp application, choose products directly in the application and pay with the balance from the account. The ShopApp online store is currently in the testing phase.

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Info Board

The table "Partners", on our info board, contains all the information about companies that offer goods or services through ProfitApp. The information is grouped by cities and activities. In addition to being able to find your location, customers will purchase your products through ShopApp in the future.

This new type of marketing arose precisely from the need of companies for a marketing solution that provides the most efficient result in relation to the invested funds. The company first generates the income caused by ProfitApp marketing and only then pays the agreed percentage of that extra income. ProfitApp gives you complete turnover control. The data is currently updated (place, time, amount…), and it is available to you at any time and you can filter it as you wish. ProfitApp is the only marketing platform that guarantees you a profit.

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