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Application which gives you both profit and savings when shopping, including many other benefits.

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ProfitApp for companies

New form of advertising and best advertising platform which shouldn’t be ignored.

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Profitapp is a shareholders company, founded in 2015, with the idea-profit to all.

Application is designed to enable you to be in plus even when shopping; while companies which cooperate with ProfitApp, have brand new way of advertising for free, also they acquire new clients and and make higher profit..

All users, upon shopping, receive significant part of the cashback. That money can be spent instantly, and then again cashback is received. Also one can use application to pay: electricity, TV, internet, insurance, completely commission free. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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When I discovered ProfitApp I was not…

“When I discovered ProfitApp I was not very enthusiastic – I thought it was some kind of super complicated loyalty. However, as I try to save each and every cent, I have resolved to try it and it quickly turn… Read More

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I live a fast life, and I try to avoid irrelevant information as musch as possible

“I live a fast life, and I try to avoid irrelevant information as musch as possible. Loyalty cards are tiring. Most of the benefits that are offered I usually do no use. Points are lost and melted by entering a… Read More

Profitapp Aplikacija Siguran Profit

Some of the experiences of our satisfied clients that we simply had to share with you

“… I recently realized that I had a pack of different loyalty cards for which I no longer know why do I even have them. When I come to the cashier, they ask me to show them a card –… Read More

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